Kayaking in Baja, again! / by Kaj Bune

In February of 2017 I traveled with two friends to Baja. We paddled for four days and then drove across the peninsula for a little whale watching along the coast. In the first half hour I was hooked and knew I wanted to return for more paddling. That, amazingly enough, was my first trip to Mexico! Silly, I know.

This year, my up-for-anything adventure buddy Kate and I, along with her sister Marta, who we traveled with last year, returned to the town of Loreto and we brought friends - Lisa and Ted from Edgewood, Washington, Gina and Warren from Vancouver, BC and Andy from England. Marta (from northern California), was a guide for Sea Kayak Baja Mexico years ago and has been our expert connection to these warm-water outings. This group is a very seasoned collection of paddlers and adventurers, so we did this as a self-guided journey. This year we decided to do a circumnavigation of Isla Del Carmen. Whereas last year, in February, we had some strong winds, this year’s April trip was almost entirely calm. Amazing water, campsites, wildlife and alone time! This was a trip that will not soon be forgotten and may very well become an annual event.